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Amban Corp is a privately held corporation, we currently manage over 150 sites and offer Design, Hosting, Marketing, Branding, and Advertising services for small to medium sized companies. Most of our current projects range from 1,000.00-10,000.00.  Our industry is constantly changing thus offering excellent profit potential to our limited number of investors. If you are a serious investor and have thought of adding an Internet design and marketing company to your portfolio please contact investors@amban.com for more information about our company.

With all of the current fallout in the "Dot-com" world it is good to know, that because we practice sound business and marketing principles our business is continuing to grow. We carefully select the companies we work with to insure their business models are sound ideas with an innovative approach.  Many of the current failed or struggling companies were based on the idea that all you needed was a catchy name with a .com at the end of it and you were going to be rich overnight. We know that to build a successful, and growing company you must combine talented personnel, a sound business model, adequate financial backing, a product or service to meet customers needs and wants,  and you must  treat customers with the highest level support. It are these principles that have built some of the worlds largest and most successful businesses. 

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