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Web Design Evaluation Form

1. What do you believe to be the main purpose for your Internet presence?

Advertise Your Company
Distribute Information
Provide a Resource
Sell Products or Services


2. Will this site be:

A new concept or idea
An addition to an existing site
Re-designing an existing site
In association with an existing site

3. How many web pages do you think you will need?

* This information is required - please make a selection

4. What kind of promotional materials do you have available for inclusion into your planned site, what are you planning to publish? [Logo, photos, brochures, promotional text, publications, etc.]

5. Design Production Flexibility

Be Creative, show me what you can do
Client will provide layout
Client will provide some layout / guidelines
Give me a few choices, and I will approve final layout


6. What features are you interested in?

E-mail response form
SSL Secure directory
Shopping cart applications ( E-Commerce )
Data base integration/publishing
Custom graphics
Logo design
Custom designed titles and headlines
Bare bones site
Client provides graphics
On disk  Drawings / Prints  Photographs 


How many items are you planning to sell on-line?

Database integration:

Does a database already exist?

How many items are/will be included in the database 

IMPORTANT Please specify in a few words:
What database do you use, what integration needs do you have.

Other features wanted:

7. Which promotional services will meet your marketing needs?

Site Submission to Major Search Engines
Deep site promotion
Deep site promotion with monthly monitoring

8. Will your site require updates and maintenance?
Yearly  Monthly  Weekly  Daily  As needed

9. Will this project be done:

In stages  Completed at once

10. What is your time frame and target completion date

11. At present do you have an internet account?

Personal  Business  Both  Neither

12. Would you like us to host the planed site for you?

Host me  Assist me

13. Please select a domain name choice or name your existing URL

14. Please select a hosting choice

15. Which browser do you use?

Explorer  Netscape AOL


16. What kind or computer/O.S. do you use?

Windows 3.1  Windows 95/98/ME  Windows NT
Windows 2000 Pro Macintosh OS 8.x/9.x Unix/Linux


17. Please list a few web sites that might influence your design:

18. Please select an approximate choice:

* This information is required


19. Please include any comments or questions you would like addressed.

20. How did you find out about us?
If you found us through search engines:
Which search engine, and which keywords did you use?

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Email: * Required
Day time number Ext.  Evenings

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.